Our Mission

The NCCHA supports development of seminars, lectures, tours, demonstrations, and publications that encourage an appreciation for the history and cultural heritage of NC’s sound country communities.

Radical changes are in the forecast for centuries-old coastal lifestyles, traditions, and occupations. Diversity invades the coast as Technology transforming traditions into obsolescence.

Environmentalist Rachel Carson observed, ”The lines between land and sea are constantly changing.” Lines that separate cultural lifestyles and occupations among coastal communities are shifting and dissolving. Communities are now impacted by a migration of new paradigms swept in with a rising tide of new development.

NCCHA programs and projects can lead to better understanding of how the coast and the coastline are weathering the forecast changes.

What We Do

NCCHA is the organization that is speaking up for coastal heritage.

A Series of Summer Boat Building Camps

Preserving the history of rack-of-the-eye boat building is more than documenting a way of building boats; it also preserves a way of life.
A man with a complete set of blueprints he purchased for a boat met with a Down East boat builder. Looking at the detailed plans, the boat builder said, “I’m sorry. I never built a boat like that. I wouldn’t even know how to start.”

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Sound People: The Book

Folklore has spawned volumes about Core Sounders, their flat-bottomed skiffs and the Harkers Island boatbuilders.
Sound People presents a record of conversations with down east natives. Core Sounders describe their cultural history, from their perspective.

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Building A Boat

For centuries, Down East fishermen have built boats in their yards. Aaron Styron from Cedar Island said that in the early 20th century, a boat was under construction in almost every yard around Core Sound. Over time, many fishermen discovered they preferred building fishing boats over fishing. A separate industry was born.

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A New Generation Of Boatbuilders

Responding to the parent’s plea for a summer program to transform idle hands into productivity, Heber Guthrie has developed a syllabus for a series of week-long summer camps. Campers will undertake rack-of-the-eye boat building techniques, developing a vision of a completed boat from generalized directions…

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