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Visitors to the annual Heritage Day at the Pamlico County Heritage Center & Museum in Grantsboro, NC found 2 attractions of significant interest, Heber Guthrie, who built the Core Sound work boat, Miss Frances, and a static display of Miss Frances.

Heritage Day opened with Nancy Prescott Potter’s rendition of the national anthem, accompanied by the MCAS Cherry Point band. Following a concert of patriotic music by the band, visitors surveyed a cornucopia of exhibits featuring varied components of the area’s heritage.

Seeing a traditional rack-of-the-eye built workboat was a treat, but attendees found the opportunity to converse with the boat’s lone builder to be an added bonus. Heber Guthrie explained rack-of-the-eye, strip planking, and how different parts of the vessel were hand shaped. He also explained that workboats would have different styles and features defined by the differing functions for which an owner would use the boats.

Those viewing the exhibit enjoyed touching the hull to see if they could feel the strip planking lying beneath the very thin coating of epoxy resin and glass.

Next scheduled exhibit of the NC Coastal Heritage Association’s Miss Frances is November 18 at Pamlico Community College. Before that event, formal christening of the vessel will take place at a yet to be determined date.


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